Guest Host Updates

  • Michael Sullivan: Age of Sword Audio Book Pre-order
    I've had a lot of people inquiring when the audio book for Age of Swords is going to be released. I think there is some concern that it'll follow the hardcover and ebook release by some amount of time. I can certainly see why people might think that. After all, the Riyria Revelation audio books weren't on the market until 4 months after their initial release.The plan has always been to do a simultaneous release ... read more
    Published on Monday, February 13th, 2017
  • Gail Carriger: Interview with Rhys Ford, Author of this Month’s Book Pick
    This months book pick is Black Dog Blues by Rhys Ford. This is a great urban fantasy with some fast paced action, stellar world building, and lovable (if snarky) characters. I invited Rhys round for a visit, so we could get to know her, and her book, a little better. About you, the Author! Tea or coffee and how do you take it? Oh God, coffee. So much coffee. For brewed, I like a medium roast from ... read more
    Published on Monday, February 13th, 2017
  • Cat Rambo: Reading Doc Savage: Quest of Qui
    Cassie, in the process of shedding a box of Doc Savage novels, found out I loved them and passed them along. I remember Doc and his men fondly; while at my grandparents for a Kansas summer when I was twelve or thirteen, I found my uncle’s old books, which included a pretty complete run of the Bantam reprints and reveled in them for years to come. I’m going back and rereading while making notes; my ... read more
    Published on Monday, February 13th, 2017
  • Gareth Powell: EVENT: BristolCon Fringe Feb 20th.
    On Monday February 20th, I will be reading at the BristolCon Fringe, which is being held in the function room on the first floor of The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer (or “Volly”) on King Street in Bristol. I’ll be reading a selection of work from my new short fiction collection, Entropic Angel, which will be released by … Continue reading EVENT: BristolCon Fringe Feb 20th. ... read more
    Published on Monday, February 13th, 2017
  • Jeanne Cavelos: Graduate Essay: Richard Errington, “Leveling Up”
    Richard James Errington attended the 2016 Odyssey Writing Workshop. He is an American/British writer born in Japan. He focuses on a variety of different genres and bounces between YA and adult fiction. He has written for an independent comic book publishing company where he published under six different title series. He has a completely unnecessary Honors BA in Creative Writing from the University of Leeds in the UK. He’s worked at banks, non-profit organizations, comic ... read more
    Published on Sunday, February 12th, 2017
  • Abigail Hilton: Awake – a Hunters Unlucky Story
    Keesha is woken from his winter torpor by a surprising visitor to the Dreaming Sea. His old enemy, Arcove, has a problem, and he needs Keesha's help."Awake" is a cross-over story between the novel Hunters Unlucky and the Prophet of Panamindorah series. You should probably read Hunters before reading "Awake," but you don't need to have read Prophet.You can purchase the text and audio bundle on my website for $2.99 (payments through Paypal or Stripe). ... read more
    Published on Sunday, February 12th, 2017
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