Podcast Release Form

We request that all guest writers and guest hosts sign a release form for the episode where you’re to be featured.  If you’ve been on the show before, you still need to sign the release form for this appearance.

The release form protects both of us and clarifies the expectations and relationship between The Roundtable Podcast (RTP) and our guests.  It basically states that…

  1. We can use the recording of your part of the conversation in the podcast and other projects (including using excerpts for promotional or academic purposes)
  2. We can edit the recording as needed without getting approval from you (trust us… we WANT you to sound fabulous)
  3. Nobody is getting paid
  4. If you claim to have written the Star Wars saga on the podcast, Lucas won’t come after us (we’re not responsible for your pathologies).
  5. You’re old enough to enter into a legal agreement