20 Minutes with Kat Richardson

Kat Richardson – author of the Greywalker Series as well as fabulous novellas and shorter tales – takes her storytelling damned seriously. Mind you, she has a marvelous sense of humor and is a delight to chat with (as you’ll soon discover)… but when it comes to writing, she’s not messing around. She pushes herself with each story, expanding and refining her craft because it’s something she deeply loves and respects.

Joined by the marvelous Heather Welliver – friend of the RTP and vocal performer extraordinaire (check out her performance in Cybrosis by P.C. Haring) – we indulge in a fabulous 20(ish) Minutes of writerly discourse with Kat, exploring the challenges she set for herself as a writer, her process, her experience writing a “mosaic” novel, and more. Writerly inspiration awaits you, dear friends… just click that “PLAY” button!

20 Minutes with Tim Pratt

Tim Pratt is a true Literary Alchemist, weaving tales of wonder from the dross of life. His meticulous prose either reveals the magic in the mundane or exposes the truth behind the fantasy… and either way, you’re left reeling with either a goofy smile or a tear. We’re delighted to have him join us for a 20(ish) minute chat where we discuss the craft of writing gender, the challenge of time, answer some questions from Brion’s creative writing class, and so much more. Click that “PLAY” button, gang!