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20 Minutes with Patrick E. McLean

March 29, 2013 Posted by Dave Robison

Patrick E. McLean

Patrick E. McLean

Patrick E. McLean isn’t really all that interested in how things have been done. Sure, it’s useful for a sense of context and perspective, but if you’re going to imagine a new future, you simply can’t let “convention” get in the way. As the author of “Unkillable” and the “How to Succeed in Evil” series of fiction as well as the founder of “Good Words (Right Order)“, Patrick has stepped boldly off the path and, in doing so, discovered a wealth of insight and inspiration. During this 20(ish) minutes of discourse he shares generously of both with Ryan Stevenson and myself, discussing the “work” of creativity, the value of performance in the context of writing, how things go right (and wrong) and so much more!  (and all this creative mojo is put to the test in in Patrick’s Workshop Episode!)

PROMO: The Secret World Chronicleby Mercedes Lackey, Dennis Lee, Cody Martin, and Veronica Giguere

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Patrick E. McLean

Produced by Lucie Le Blanc

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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20 (more) Minutes with J. Daniel Sawyer

March 15, 2013 Posted by Dave Robison

J. Daniel Sawyer

J. Daniel Sawyer

Dan Sawyer – consummate storyteller, media producer, and creative visionary – was our first Guest Host. One year ago, nervous and uncertain, Brion and I interviewed Dan and launched a podcast, starting a journey that has led to so many discoveries, friendships, and opportunities to explore the creative process. Dan is the ideal catalyst for such a journey, given his diverse and extensive experience in the art of expression. During this celebratory 20(ish) minutes of conversation, we delve a bit deeper into Dan’s writing process, discuss the pros and cons of genre-jumping, uncover some strategies to keep your audience guessing, and more.  (and the quest for Literary Gold continues during Dan’s Workshop Episode!)

PROMO: “Garaaga’s Children:Ancientsby Paul Elard Cooley

Showcase Episode: 20 (more) Minutes with Dan Sawyer

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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From the shadowed desk of Dan Sawyer… (more…)

20 Minutes with Lauren Oliver

February 8, 2013 Posted by Dave Robison

Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver brings so much fabulousity into the world – through her novels, including the much-lauded “Delirium” series, “Liesl and Po” and “The Spindlers“, and more, AND her work with partner-in-crime-and-story Lexa Hillyer at the astonishing Paper Lantern Lit –  and the adventure of her pursuits thus far has refined her awareness of the writers craft without blunting her delight in the process. During this 20(ish) minutes of intriguing conversation, Ryan Stevenson and I discover Laurens perspectives on the collaborative process, the power and virtue of YA literature, the power of understanding plot, and so much more… hit that play button and let’s dig into this! (and Lauren’s Workshop Episode is a Literary Gold fest!)

PROMO: The Podio Rookie podcast with Kenn Crawford

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Lauren Oliver

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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So much awesomeness from Lauren… (more…)

Mind the Gap: From “My bad” to “I totally meant to do that” (Guest Post by K.T. Bryski)

October 24, 2012 Posted by kt_bryski

Hi, everyone! This is K.T. Bryski, author of Hapax: an end-of-the-world fantasy from Dragon Moon Press. I’m thrilled and honoured to be writing this post; my thanks to Dave and Brion for having me here!

So, there I was: writing the first scene of the first draft of Hapax. I was bright-eyed and innocent, the scene zipping along beneath my fingers. My monks were preparing to hold vigil to see if the Apocalypse was nigh (spoiler: it was). I had a plot outline, I had character notes, I had worldbuilding…

And then, I realized.

I had forgotten to figure out the monks’ hierarchy. I had no idea who or what their leader was.


Don’t Panic

Discovering a mistake or an omission in the middle of writing is not the nicest feeling. Especially if things have been running smoothly up to that point. Still, resist the urge to hit the “delete” key right away. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Bring on spur-of-the-moment creativity! (more…)

20 Minutes with Jared Axelrod

September 28, 2012 Posted by Dave Robison

Jared Axelrod

Jared Axelrod

Jared Axelrod is the quintessential creator. Costuming, theater, art, literature, podcasting… each artistic challenge he sets before himself is met with passion, dedication, and an instinct for grand  scope and epic presentation (and his latest triumph, “The Battle of Blood and Ink“, is a powerful testament to that craft). We were delighted to be able to enjoy 20(ish) minutes with this dynamic personality, discussing his own strengths as a creator, the ways and means of prioritizing creative endeavors, his own transition from uncertainty to boldness, and more! Your week’s supply of Writerly Goodness awaits! (and come back for Jared’s Workshop Episode!)

PROMO: Save “City of Heroes”

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Jared Axelrod

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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The Roundtable Goes to Balticon (pt 2 of 2)

June 14, 2012 Posted by Dave Robison

Balticon 46 logo

The episode wraps up our presentation of the answers to the question (which we began in this episode):

“Is talent something you’re born with, or is it something you acquire?”

I asked thirteen authors that question.  In Part I we heard from six of them and in this episode we hear from the final seven.  Again, Brion and I can’t help ourselves and we wax philosophical about the insights offered in each one. (more…)

The Roundtable Goes to Balticon (pt 1 of 2)

June 13, 2012 Posted by Dave Robison

Balticon 46 logo

Balticon 46

This year I had the privilege and pleasure of attending Balticon 46. I’ve been to game and fantasy conventions before, but never Balticon, and I had heard it was THE con to attend for podcasters and new media creators and fans alike.

Wow.  Yeah.  It was amazing… fabulous panel discussions, great events, remarkable guests… and you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting an author, editor, publisher, or podcaster (I tried and, for the record, it wasn’t a real cat and I apologize to John Mierau for any injuries sustained during the experiment).  I learned so much and had the pleasure of finally meeting people who had existed only as voices in my iPad.  Just amazing.

Brion was unable to make the scene (with some excuse about continuing the education of our nation’s youth or something) but I had to share the awesomeness with him.  So I walked around the convention asking these remarkable creators one question: (more…)


March 18, 2012 Posted by Dave Robison

“There are people who appear to be able to invoke creativity on command.  They sit down and BAM, creative inspirations suddenly leap from their lips like spawning salmon.  Want to know their secret?”

image by Kyle SteedI’m a big advocate of creativity, and spend a lot of time both exploring the process and ways of cultivating more of it.  Part of the reason the Roundtable Podcast excites me is the opportunity to take what is usually an “in-your-own-head” experience and pull it into the light with a group of like-minded people.

Between my experiences on the podcast and the articles, posts, and books I’ve read on the subject, I’ve discovered that there is an inherent disconnect in our notions of creativity and the processes that foster it. (more…)

Try Something New

February 28, 2012 Posted by Brion Humphrey

Photo by Rob Brewer

-More than one of them cried out in pain, “This is impossible, my brain hurts!”-


Write what you know.

Really?  Do I have to?

It’s because of these four, seemingly innocuous words that people like me spend hours staring at the damn cursor on the soul-suckingly blank screen.  How often have you shied away from writing something you’re interested in because you simply do not feel that you know enough?  Tech specs, genre specifics, races, clichés, real names of types of laser beams…

I didn’t grow up reading Science Fiction.  I was a slow reader and the true fascination for me was fantasy, but I could only swallow about a book a year.  So when, for the first time, I sat down to try my sonic-galacto-pen at Sci-Fi, I was stumped and all I could hear, bleeding through my brain in a repetitive, tin-robotic drawl, was “you don’t know anything about science fiction, so you can’t write it.”


Escape Solitary Confinement!

January 22, 2012 Posted by Brion Humphrey

“…though we often soliloquize about writing being a solitary existence with coveted ideas held closer to the chest than Bluebeard’s key to his chamber of torture and death, writing should never be a purely individual undertaking.”

While wrapping up a perfectly productive Friday, I led my students through a discussion of Charlie Fish’s fabulously wicked short story, “Death by Scrabble.”  We were exploring conflict, its relation to tight plot development and the vicious need for stake raising in fiction of all kinds, not just those stories teeming with vampires.  I was just about to close the conversation when one of my students raised his hand and pointed out a connection in the story that I, after four years and twenty four class periods of teaching it, had never recognized.  It was subtle, it was pivotal, it was brilliant, and I had become too familiar with the overall story, and the story’s punch line, to see it.

It is entirely possible to get too close to things: the novel you’ve been writing for ten years, the short story that you’ve rewritten over and over a thousand times that still just doesn’t seem quite right, a lion at the zoo…