David D. Levine

Workshop Episode 29 (Guest Host: David D. Levine)

David D. Levine – crafter of marvelous tales of all genres (and lauded and celebrated time and again for those creations) – graciously returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to workshop a multi-layered story idea by Jason Carney. Jason’s tale starts off as one thing but evolves into something else all together! It was a wonderful evolution of ideas and inspiration… classic Roundtable goodness.

20 Minutes with David D. Levine

David D. Levine sees the world differently than most of us. His skills, knowledge, and experience combine in an utterly unique way in his physiology, allowing him to perceive connections and associations where many of us just see noise. To be able to spend 20(ish) minutes with a gentleman like this is a rare opportunity and we had a great time making the most of it as we discuss the nature of fiction, the structure and pattern of good fiction, the secret sauce, and more!