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Guest Post: Emma Newman and the Split Worlds

February 7, 2013 Posted by Emma Newman

[From Dave: Today, we’re honored to host one of the marvelous tales set in Emma Newman’s Split Worlds. Emma Has been releasing a story a week for the entire YEAR leading up to launch date of the first novel in the series – “Between Two Thorns” – which being released into the world by the visionary folks at Angry Robot Books (click the cover to get all the details).  Brion and I are thrilled to be able to provide a digital home for one of these literary delights… we know you’ll enjoy it. ]

"Between Two Thorns" by Emma Newman

“Between Two Thorns” by Emma Newman

In 2013 the marvellous Angry Robot books will be publishing three Split Worlds novels, the first is out in March and called “Between Two Thorns”. This story is part of a crazy thing I decided to do before I got the book deal and was forging ahead with the project on my own: releasing a new story every week for a year and a day, hosted on a different site every time, all set in the Split Worlds. I wanted to give readers a taste of my kind of urban fantasy and have the opportunity to build in secrets and extra bits for those people who, like me, love the tiny details. It’s also been a major part of my world-building work alongside writing the novels.

This is the forty-eighth tale in the year and a day of weekly short stories set in The Split Worlds.  If you would like me to read it to you instead, you can listen here.  You can find links to all the other stories, and the new ones as they are released here.  You can also sign up to get the stories delivered to your inbox, one per week for a year and a day.


The Verdigris Set

Bath, 2011

Gary placed the last pawn on the board and sat down at the table. It was beautiful, each piece so exquisitely crafted he felt tearful. He jumped when the front door slammed and his brother’s return from work was announced by a huge belch.

“Dave!” Gary rushed to the kitchen doorway. “You won’t believe what happened to me today!” (more…)

20 Minutes with Emma Newman

January 18, 2013 Posted by Dave Robison

Emma Newman

Emma Newman

Emma Newman – author of “20 Years Later” and “From Dark Places” and the soon-to-be-released “Between Two Thorns“, crafter of marvelous tales short and long, and record holder for the longest bout of Writers Block ever – has been bringing the delights (and dark things) of her imagination to the page for most of her life. Her fiction transforms the mundane into the marvelous… and she performs the same magic with this 20(ish) minutes of conversation. Emma generously shares her insights into the nature of writing advice, the distinction between long and short fiction, her unique process, the cyclical nature of post-apocalyptic fiction, and more! (and warm up your tea, because there’s more writerly goodness to be had in Emma’s Workshop Episode!)

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Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Emma Newman

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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