20 Minutes with Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher – author of “Empire State” and “Seven Wonders” – is one of the few debut authors whose work already has “fan fiction”. Granted, that’s because of the visionary “WorldBuilder” initiative greenlighted by Angry Robot Books and produced by Mighty Mur Lafferty but still… you gotta respect the fact that Adam crafted a story world that has the scope and nuance to support a robust and active collaborative community.

Our 20(ish) minutes with Adam was a delight and fraught with talk of shared worlds, superhero literature (what a shock) and an exploration into Adam’s writing process. Writerly goodness dressed in spandex awaits!

Workshop Episode 32 (Guest Host: Brand Gamblin)

Brand Gamblin – channeler of Cthonic Deities and crafter of marvelous tales of all genres – returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to help us workshop a story of biblical proportions… a superhero powered by God. The tale is offered up by veteran podcaster and audio fictioneer Clay Dugger and proved to be a marvelous springboard into a discussion about presenting faith in fiction, working or avoiding tropes, and developing suspense and pacing in your story. Everyone had a blast exploring the delightful terrain of this intriguing tale… and, of course, there’s an abundance of Literary Gold to be had!

Workshop Episode 25 (Guest Host: Antonio del Drago)

Antonio del Drago – Doctor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, swordsman, author and evil genius behind the fabulous online writing community – return to the Roundtable to workshop a tale of vigilante vengeance offered up by Marc Vale. The conversation starts of tentatively, but as we explore deeper, each of us discovers some truly intriguing threads to the story that end up creating a golden weave of awesomeness.

On a “Pilgrimage” with Matthew Wayne Selznick

Matthew Wayne Selznick has been making marvelous things for a long time… and he’s gotten quite good at it. Whether it’s music, podcasts, texts, or novels, his creative innovation and authenticity shines through in each endeavor. We invited Matt to join us and discuss his latest project (a Kickstarter campaign for “Pilgrimage” , the sequel to his amazing novel “Brave Men Run”) but you know us… we can’t just talk about one thing. We delve into Matt’s creative process, his perspective on super-hero culture, and the greatest asset a writer can cultivate. It’s a great discussion and it’s just a mouse-click away!

Workshop Episode 8 (Guest Host: Justin Macumber)

Justin Macumber – author of Haywire, co-host of The Dead Robots’ Society and The Hollywood Outsider, writer of a diverse spectrum of intriguing speculative fiction – rejoins us for an awesome Workshop episode. We are joined by Scott Roche, an accomplished author and podcaster in his own right, offering up a very cool YA superhero tale that generates an epic Roundtable Podcast discussion.