Workshop Episode 12 (Guest Host: Lee Harris)

The Roundtable Podcast, Workshop Episode 12, with Lee Harris and Kevin McLaughlinLee Harris – editor at Angry Robot Books and Chair of the British Fantasy Society –  returns to the Roundtable to discuss a sci-fi/romance presented by author and blogger Kevin O. McLaughlin.  Having two experienced literati on the show really kicked the discussion into high gear and we cover a lot of ground, exploring the logistics of moonbases and deadly plagues, romance in the depths of space, and ratcheting up the tension (and Lee’s Showcase Episode is out there, too! Just saying…)


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Workshop Episode 12 (Guest Host: Lee Harris)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Great episode! There was a lot of engagement from everyone and Kevin had some nice insights and counterpoints in places. I look forward to reading ROTLBOP (Romance On The Lunar Base Of Pestilence).

Thanks, Chris! It was a blast to share the mic with so many talented and insightful writers. I think everyone becomes a little more brilliant when the conversation is so awesome. 😉

And yeah… we won’t be letting Brion OR Lee name anything anytime soon. I weep for Brion’s soon-to-be-born children… they will doubtless have names like “Small Wrinkled Entity” or “Screams A Lot”. (I’m joking of course… he’ll name them after Norse Deities in the original Veddic).

There was a lot of chatter about science vs story surrounding a recent movie, ‘Contagion’, which a lot of people gave high marks for scientific realism. It was also about a virus outbreak.

While I am on board for a global pandemic as the background to a space romance, a “Space Virus carried by meteor(s)” I think is totally implausible. I mean “super powers from radiation/cosmic rays” sounds reasonable next “Space Virus”.

I think story can work with it being just a regular pandemic like the one in the movie ‘Contagion’.

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