20 Minutes with Lee Harris

Lee Harris
Lee Harris


We had hoped that Lee Harris – editor at Angry Robot Books, Chair of the British Fantasy Society, and evil genius behind the Hub Fiction E-Zine – would lend a bit of dignity to the Roundtable.  We were wrong, but in the most wonderful and delightful way imaginable.  While he shares generously of his broad experience and vital insights into the realm of genre fiction, it turns out that he’s a warm, funny, sometimes snarky, and always charming guy.  Who knew? (be sure to check out Lee’s Workshop Episode)!


PROMO: Tales from the Archives, vol II (http://www.ministryofpeculiaroccurrences.com/tag/tales-from-the-archives/)

Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Lee Harris

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Episode Breakdown

01:26 – Lee’s Awesomeness


03:50 On the Revence of Fans

  • 05:25 A brush with Neil Gaiman


06:48 Lee’s own reverence


09:15 What is it about Speculative Fiction?

  • 10:11 Read a wide range of stories and novels… drawn to SF and Horror
  • 10:40 Discovered reading had narrowed to those genres
  • 11:50 The genre is not everything
  • 12:10 When I discover what it is I’ll drop you a line


12:30 What does the genre add to the world?

  • 12:50 Allows us to forget real life for a while
  • 13:00 Taking an extra step from the usual


13:50 Is Urban Fantasy sustainable?

  • 14:25 Any genre is sustainable if you have good writers writing it
  • 14:50 Very easy way to be introduced to the fantasy genre
  • 15:15 Urban Fantasy doesn’t work so well if you invent the setting
  • 15:30 Good examples of recognizable settings include


17:20 PROMO – Tales from the Archives, Vol II


18:50 Is there a shift in readship in relation to “hard times”

  • 19:25 Don’t think so
  • 19:50 Literary Fiction is the best selling genre
  • 20:00 Genre fiction will always be “lesser read”


20:35 What qualities do you look for in a successful submission?

  • 21:11 The biggest favor you can do for yourself is read the bloody submission guidelines
  • 21:30 The Batman fanfic saga
  • 22:35 The reason for submission guidelines
  • 23:00 Stop doing stupid things


24:30 If you DO something stupid how much does that affect your reputation?

  • 24:50 We don’t tend to share or conspire
  • 25:04 We love the writing community
  • 25:12 We want to publish everything… but everything doesn’t make it
  • 25:55 Open Door month at Angry Robots, March 2011
  • 28:40 And ANOTHER Open Door Month (well, 2 weeks)
  • 29:49 We found SIX Debut Authors last year!
  • 30:10 We’re responsible for starting someone’s career


30:20 What do you look for in a good story?

  • 30:30 Strong Characters, Strong Plot
  • 31:05 It’s easy… write a really good book and be really lucky


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Comments (4)

This was great interview. Apparently an English accent increases the hilarity of an interview by about 500%.

(Note to self: improve English accent.)

I agree… Lee was the consummate Guest and a wonderful person to interview (I think we all aspire to have a personal anecdote that features Neil Gaiman).

A good English dialect is a powerful tool, Chris, and a great responsibility. Use it only for good. 😉

Awesome interview, Dave and Lee.

I always enjoy listening to Lee’s interviews, always smart, witty, and wise.

The only thing you guys were missing was the Angry Robots theme song!

There’s a THEME SONG? Why am I the last person to hear about these things? That would indeed have been awesome… we could have played it as we introduced him like they do on television talk shows.

Glad you enjoyed the interview, Wes… thank you. It was a genuine pleasure to share mic time with Lee.

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