“One Question: Talent” at Balticon 2012 (pt 2 of 2)


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The episode wraps up our presentation of the answers to the question (which we began in this episode):

“Is talent something you’re born with, or is it something you acquire?”

I asked thirteen authors that question.  In Part I we heard from six of them and in this episode we hear from the final seven.  Again, Brion and I can’t help ourselves and we wax philosophical about the insights offered in each one.

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]


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In this episode:


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Dave Robison has indulged in creative pursuits his entire life. His CV includes writing Curious George fan-fiction at the age of eight, improv theater at age ten, playing trumpet at age twelve, as well as a theater degree, creating magazine cover art, writing audio scripts, designing websites, creating board games, hosting mythological roundtables and generally savoring the sweet drought of expression in all its forms. His years of exploration give him a unique, informed, and eloquent perspective on the art of storytelling.


  1. I could not agree with you guys more! When I draw something people ALWAYS say “Wow, you’re so talented. I wish I could draw like that.” I always say, “You could draw like this if you worked at it.” They never believe me, but they should see my sketchbook from when I started at art school and compare it with my sketchbook from my graduating quarter at art school. My talent didn’t change, I drew in my sketchbook for at least an hour every day for a few years and studied art and learned from it. I still have a long way to go with my drawing skills, but I know I can get there if I just keep WORKING at it. Thanks for these cool bonus Balticon episodes guys. I really enjoyed them!