Workshop Episode 22 (Guest Host: Seanan McGuire)

The Roundtable Podcast, Workshop Episode 22, with Seanan McGuire and Gloria Sigountos Seanan McGuire is the full artistic package, the triple threat, expressing the keen edge of her spirit through paint, pixel and pen, producing web comics and other traditional art.  She commandeered a time machine exclusively for this podcast so she could actually have an hour to sit in the Big Chair and help us workshop a story. Our Guest Writer, Gloria Sigountos, serves up an fresh and innovative tale of kidnapping, intrigue, mercenary scoundrels, magical siblings, and general mayhem.  It’s a delightful frothing tale that launches everyone into an amazing discussion. Grab hold of something and hit that PLAY button! (and once you’ve recovered from this onslaught of awesomeness, check out Seanan’s Fabulous Showcase Episode!)

PROMO: Must Be Nice Studio’s production of “Who Goes There?” (written and produced by Clay Dugger)

Workshop Episode 22 (Guest Host: Seanan McGuire)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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A Glimpse into Seanan’s Day-Planner…

Upcoming Conventions…

  • Confluence July 27-29
  • Windy Con Lombard IL Nov 8-11 Amy McNally (music guest)
  • Attending and bartending at World Con (nominated for 4 Hugo Awards) and a trip to Disneyland

Other McGuire Magnificence…

  • Trying to pull together a print edition of Sparrow Hill Road (re-written)
  • New Mira Grant Series in the works


And for more of Gloria’s pursuit of Literary Gold…


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Comments (5)

As always, it was a great podcast. I’m a big fan of Seanen’s zombie novels. Feed had my vote for book of the year when it came out.

Anyway, I hope the Gloria writes the crap out of her story. I thought Treasure Planet was pretty darn awesome myself. In fact, I may watch it again this week just because I can.

I don’t have much by way of advice, except to say that I’m in total agreement that you need to have the heroine be more active. If she does get captured, I hope she tears the place up so bad that when she gets rescued that her captor’s are thanking their lucky stars she got out when she did.

I hope there will be update shows from time to time, because it’s going to be tough tracking down all these stories when they start coming out en masse.

Another “Treasure Planet” fan! We clearly need to arrange a movie night at some convention we’re all at. 😀

If you check out Gloria’s blog, she’s doing some cool deconstructing and developing of her story, one post at a time. And if you stay tuned to the Roundtable, Rusty, we’ll definitely keep you (and everyone) in the loop. There are several writers who are on the cusp of actually getting their workshopped stories out there. Once that happens, you’ll be able to hear the cheering from Greenland. 😉

Fun story, good advice…

I can think of nothing to add to the convo, but I wanted to leave a comment. 🙂

And we appreciate it, Denise. It’s a nice affirmation that you’re out there enjoying yourself as much as we are. 😉

First time checking out your roundtable. Glad I stopped by.

Gloria – Very well thought out story. It seems like there are stories within stories. Like Rusty, I too hope the sister makes her captors lives a frozen wasteland, but I’m guessing she will.

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