Workshop Episode 25 (Guest Host: Antonio del Drago)

The Roundtable Podcast, Workshop Episode 25, with Antonio del Drago and Marc ValeAntonio del Drago – Doctor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, swordsman, author and evil genius behind the fabulous online writing community – return to the Roundtable to workshop a tale of vigilante vengeance offered up by Marc Vale. The conversation starts of tentatively, but as we explore deeper, each of us discovers some truly intriguing threads to the story that end up creating a golden weave of awesomeness. (and you can continue your quest for writerly goodness with Antonio’s Showcase Episode!)

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Workshop Episode 25 (Guest Host: Antonio del Drago)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Anyone besides me remember that movie from the early 80’s where John Ritter became a superhero? He didn’t have any powers of anything, he just dressed up and went out looking for trouble. That movie, and others of their ilk, where the world of superheros and the ‘real world’ collide have always unsettled me. Probably because my childhood image of someone that dared to put on a costume and fight crime would have to be invulnerable. The thought that someone can get hurt, or killed, means that Superman, or Batman, can too.

I know that may sound stupid, but that superhero image was imprinted on me as I grew up watching Superfriends and reading Marvel comics. Those sorts of moments didn’t come up too often then.

Anyway, my point is that this week’s episode touched on a subject that strikes a very deep chord with me. Making it so steeped in the real world promises a real emotional time for me. I’m nervous already.

Good luck in the writing. I’m anxious to see what this is like.

Early in the podcast the question came up: Are there any cons in Pittsburgh:? The good news is yes there is: Confluence a Literary Sci-Fi Convention in Pittsburgh. The bad news is that it happened 3 weeks ago July 27th – 29th, 2012
There will be another one next year.

I have family in Pittsburgh… this sounds like a great excuse to go visit them. Thanks, Peter! 🙂

I remember the John Ritter movie. And I see where you’re coming from Rusty. I was also a huge comic fan, Batman’s my favorite DC hero and Wolverine for Marvel. At first the story was going to be a “poor man’s Batman”. I always wondered what Batman would be like if he wasn’t a millionaire, now, billionaire. But after the shooting at the midnight movie showing, which greatly affected me, I’m going to scrap the hero idea and go with a thriller. So even though my story will stay away from the superhero part and stick to more of a thriller, the great minds of Dr. Drago, Dave, and Brion have really helped me fine tune what the story will be.
I hope to be knighted by next summer.
Take care

We’ll have the Knighting Sword ready, Marc. This really was a great workshop discussion and you were very cool about allowing the crew to explore those different perspectives. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together! 😀

I know this comment is rather late to the party but I’m going through and catching up on the episodes.

Just for clarification – the John Ritter movie mentioned in the previous comments is Hero At Large (

He plays an actor that gets the part of superhero and accidentally stops a crime while wearing the costume for the part. The event gets picked up by the media and blown out of proportion. Hilarity ensues.


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