20 (more) Minutes with J. Daniel Sawyer

J. Daniel Sawyer
J. Daniel Sawyer

Dan Sawyer – consummate storyteller, media producer, and creative visionary – was our first Guest Host. One year ago, nervous and uncertain, Brion and I interviewed Dan and launched a podcast, starting a journey that has led to so many discoveries, friendships, and opportunities to explore the creative process. Dan is the ideal catalyst for such a journey, given his diverse and extensive experience in the art of expression. During this celebratory 20(ish) minutes of conversation, we delve a bit deeper into Dan’s writing process, discuss the pros and cons of genre-jumping, uncover some strategies to keep your audience guessing, and more.  (and the quest for Literary Gold continues during Dan’s Workshop Episode!)

PROMO: “Garaaga’s Children:Ancientsby Paul Elard Cooley

Showcase Episode: 20 (more) Minutes with Dan Sawyer

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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From the shadowed desk of Dan Sawyer…


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Hey guys congrats on the Anniversary. I hope you keep bringen that special breed of epicosity to the web for us all to enjoy.

Thanks Ben! We’ll do our best (and “epicosity” is my new favorite word). 😉

Congrats on your anniversary! So much literary gold. I have learned so much since starting to listen to your program.

Aw, Alisa… thanks so much! We’ve been right there with you. I’ll tell ya, if you want to learn about something, launch a podcast about it. 😉

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