Workshop Episode 72 (Guest Host: K. C. Wayland)

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Guest Host K.C. Wayland – creator of the amazing and award-winning “We’re Alive” audio drama series – returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable for a landmark story workshopping event. We’ve brainstormed, short stories, novels, and even songs on the RTP, but we’ve never workshopped an audio drama series script before… until now!

Our Guest Writer for this episode – the mighty Bryan Lincoln – offers up a bold new scifi concept for an audio drama series featuring relativistic space travel and the evolution of the human species amid the stars. With the fabulous Christof Laputka – creator of the exceptional “Leviathan Chronicles” – as my co-host, we launch into an utterly unique brainstorming session, exploring not only the world and story of Bryan’s idea, but also considerations of soundscapes and audio signatures. It’s a RTP episode unlike any other, but one thing remains the same… at the end, there’s a mountain of Literary Gold for everyone! (and, if you missed it, then thank goodness the INternet is a time travel machine! Go back in time and enjoy K.C. Wayland’s Showcase Episode!)

PROMO: “The Black” by Paul Elard Cooley

Workshop Episode 72 (Guest Host: K. C. Wayland)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Christof in the (cyber) world…

Christof Laputka
Christof Laputka



Guest Writer Bryan Lincoln is doing some amazing things…

Bryan Lincoln
Bryan Lincoln

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You guys hit all around this in your discussion.
Technology is the single most fluid aspect of modern society, and near relativistic space travel will be eclipsed by faster than light travel. Have relativistic travel for the protagonist, and the antagonist will be old and waiting for her at her destination because he waited a few years for faster than light transport. The protag will have to face unimaginable challenges due to her outdated understanding of the current galactic view. Therefore only her special abilities that she hasn’t had the opportunity to explore and understand is the only advantage she has to face the antag’s plans.

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