Under New Management (sort of…)

Starting this Tuesday, you’re going to be hearing a slight change to the Roundtable introduction.

“Wonderthing Studios proudly presents… The Roundtable Podcast”

That’s a small change, and the ONLY change anyone will ever notice… but it’s kind of a big deal.

Wonderthing Studios
Wonderthing Studios

Wonderthing Studios LLC is a new production/publication company I started so I could have a business framework for my vocal and audio production services as well as all the projects I’m launching in the coming year. There may be actual revenue being generated (gasp!) and I wanted to make sure my family’s exposure to any financial risk was minimal.

In addition to the Roundtable Podcast, Wonderthing is going to be the publisher of Vex Mosaic, a new e-zine launching in April, and the Shattered Worlds Collaborative Storyverse launching in July. You can learn more about each of those projects at the Wonderthing site and I talk a little about them in the announcement episode below. Suffice it to say, there’s awesomeness afoot.

Three years ago, The Roundtable Podcast was a big first step for me. Wonderthing Studios is the next step on what I hope is a long journey of exploration, inspiration, and discovery.

UPDATE Podcast: The RTP is a Wonderthing!

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Sounds great, Dave! I look forward to the epic awesome to come.

Thanks Tim! And hopefully some of that epic awesomeness will include some writerly goodness from you! 😉

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