Workshop Episode 75 (Guest Host: Cat Rambo)

There’s can be no doubt Cat Rambo is a veteran brainstormer. Author of over 150 tales including “Beasts of Tabat (The Tabat Quartet Book 1)” (due out TOMORROW!)(No fooling!), leading hundreds of hours of online writing workshops, VP of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and so much more, she is a master storyweaver and we’re delighted to have her return to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to workshop a dark tale of dragons and culinary heroics.

Our Guest Writer – Philip Overby – serves up a feast of a tale, a story of family legacies, draconic culinary preferences, and doing what you can to get by. Joined once again by co-host Moses Siregar, we dive in to Phil’s dark tale, exploring the world of Splatter Elf and it’s many nuances, peeling the layers of character and plot, adding our own creative spices until we have a buffet of Literary Gold. Grab a plate and we’ll dish some up for you, too… just hit that “PLAY” button (and there’s more writerly goodness waiting for you in Cat’s Showcase Episode!)

PROMO: “Command Decisions (Book 3 of The Empire of Bones Saga)” by Terry Mixon

Workshop Episode 75 (Guest Host: Cat Rambo)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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It’s Tough to Keep up with Cat Rambo (but we try)…

Guest Writer Philip Overby is all over the place…

Philip Overby
Philip Overby
  • Check out Phil’s Blog to peer inside his mind
  • He’s a moderator and frequent blogger and contributor at the superb Mythic Scribes fantasy writing community
  • Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook
  • Check out his stories on Amazon, including these:

Check out Mose’s astonishing debut novel, “Black God’s War”…

Moses Siregar
Moses Siregar
  • Moses is a new daddy!
  • His next novel, “The Ninth Wind”, is due out in April!
  • He’s teaching 4th graders at a Waldor
  •  Doing a writing retreat at a Buddhist Institute during Spring Break

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