Brainstorm #119 (Guest Host: Seanan McGuire)

Seanan returns to brainstorm at tale of superheroes, romance, and the dark side of adulation

Seanan McGuire – award-winning author, graphic novelist, podcaster, and storytelling badass – returns to the Big Chair in the APN virtual studios to apply her considerable brainstorming-fu to a tale of superheroes, romance, and the dark side of adulation.

The story is offered up by creageous Guest Writer Arthur De Leon a tale of a young woman with feeble powers caught up in events that may bring destruction down upon her city and her family. Joined once again by author, podcaster, and pop-culture aficionado, Michael R. Underwood, we explore Arthur’s tale uncovering possibilities and potential, always in search of the elusive Literary Gold! (and check out Seanan’s marvelous INSIGHTS episode for even more writerly goodness)

Guest Writer: Arthur De Leon


  • Beneath the Sugar Sky, the third book in McGuire’s Wayward Children series is in the world!
  • Tricks for Free, The seventh book in her InCryptid urban fantasy series is set for release March 6!
  • Seanan’s many more releases and conference appearances are all available at her website:


  • Michael’s collaborative project (with Marie Brennan, Cassandra Khaw, and Malka Older) continues swimmingly!
  • He’s working on a space opera and then will continue the adventures of the Genrenauts
  • As co-host (with Gregory Wilson) on the SpeculateSF Podcast, he continues to explore the nature and essence of storytelling with some of the top authors of the industry.


  • Emerald City Comic Con
  • Balticon
  • Convergence
  • WorldCon
  • (and more TBD…)

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