Workshop Episode 94 (Guest Host: Jake Bible)

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Jake Bible – author of “Reign of Four: I“, “Dead Team Alpha“, and so much more – returns to the Big Chair at the Roundtable to lend his brainstorming mojo (literally) to workshopping a tale of zombies as you’ve never. seen them before.

The tale is offered up by Guest Writer (and fellow Onder Librum creator) AJ Hare, a story of college life, fast/slow brilliant zombies, and the challenges of overcoming the world’s expectations of you. Joined once again by co-host and author Suzanne Church, we delve into AJ’s twisted world of slackers, frat boys, and diabolical zombies, in search of sweet sweet brains… I mean, gold! Literary Gold! Which, of course, we find. The creative mayhem begins as soon as you hit that “PLAY” button!  (and definitely hit the wayback machine to catch Jake’s sterling 20 Minutes With… episode!)

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Workshop Episode 94 (Guest Host: Jake Bible)

[caution: mature language – listener discretion is advised]

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Jake’s busy writing, but if you watch really close…

  • Blood Cruise: A Deep Sea Thriller just came out in all it’s tentacled wonder!
  • His next project on the slab is “Salvage Merc One” a gritty scifi tale with all the Bible-icious trimmings
  • He has Audio Books coming out including “Metal and Ash” and “Mega Four” ( part of the Team Grendel series). Plus he’s gonna start narrating his own stories!
  • He’ll be making the scene at ConCarolinas in June 2016
  • Check out his blog and his Amazon Profile to get the full scope of his literary awesomeness.
  • He’s on Facebook and Twitter, but really… dude has a LOT of writing to do! 😀

Guest Writer: AJ Hare

AJ Hare
AJ Hare



Co-Host: Suzanne Church

Suzzane Church
Suzanne Church
  • The “Soul Larcenist” trilogy – set in in the Hellmaw Universe for Onder Librum – launches in January!
  • She’s also writing several short stories in the Onder Librum story settings and has some invitations to contribute to other some collections (TBA)
  • Her blog is not only a great place to catch up on her canon of work and latest doings, but she also shares insights into the writer’s craft as well!
  • She is, of course, on the Twitters and the Facebooks
  • And check out her collection of short stories, “Elements“, nominated for a Prix Aurora Award this year!

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Comments (1)

Just listened to this episode today, and I wanted to share a few thoughts I had about the nature of the zombie infection in AJ’s story. I believe that AJ said these were pheromones that initially caused the subject’s mental processes to accelerate, and that Langdon, the bad guy, was the first person exposed from the test group. So I thought of this little tweak to make Langdon a bigger big bad.

Not only does the body react to pheromones, it produces them. So once Langdon was exposed, his body would start to produce the same pheromones, modified by his body chemistry. Those exposed to Langdon’s pheromones would spread the contagion, including his genetic markers. This makes them bound to Langdon, who can then pull on their collective intelligence. So the more people who get infected, the smarter Langdon gets. The more he pulls on the zombie network, the dumber the individual zombies get.

Complications from this: Anyone originally exposed the pheromones would be a Zombie Alpha, so Langdon would make sure that his pawns would kill them off early on, giving him uncontested control of the zombnet. since the infection/zombnet is broadcast by pheremones, this means there would be a palpable odor wherever collections of zombies are. If you’re playing this for comedy, it also means that Langdon is literally stinking people into submission.

I thought this might provide an interesting twist.


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