INSIGHTS: Mur Lafferty

Veteran podcaster and celebrated author Mur Lafferty discusses her NaNoWriMo strategies, her story development process, and more...

The scope and breadth of Mur Lafferty‘s literary career reads like a writer’s power fantasy. She’s won awards, written for beloved and iconic licensed properties, worked with some of the brightest voices in speculative fiction, and had her solo work celebrated and affirmed time and again. In spite of these achievements (or perhaps because of them), Mur continues to strive to improve her already potent writerly mojo AND supports the literary community through her podcasts, guiding writers through the treacherous waters of creative expression.

The Archivos Podcast Network is honored to have her back in the virtual studios and we celebrate Mur’s third appearance with yet another marvelous 20(ish) minutes of writerly discourse, exploring her discoveries in writing the “I Should Be Writing” book, her strategies and perspectives regarding NaNoWriMo, how she decides what to write, and more.

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